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Lever for Change is a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation affiliate whose mission is to unlock significant philanthropic capital by helping donors find and fund vetted, high impact opportunities through the design and management of customized competitions. Its Bold Solutions Network showcases the highest-ranked proposals that emerge from each of the competitions. These proposals have undergone extensive evaluation and due diligence to ensure each solution promises real and measurable progress to accelerate social change. These Bold Solutions are now available for donors to confidently support in their interest areas.
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Connecting philanthropists with effective solutions

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Through an open and transparent approach, Lever for Change offers philanthropists the opportunity to sponsor custom competitions to identify the most effective, enduring solutions that address social issues that matter most to them. Our Bold Solutions Network aims to inspire philanthropists to dramatically increase their giving by connecting them with effective organizations, whose proposals have benefited from rigorous third-party evaluations, due diligence, and technical support.

As part of our services, Lever for Change uses the Bold Solutions Network to ensure greater visibility for highly rated proposals surfaced through our competitions and helps donors directly fund high-impact opportunities. Organizations that are part of the Bold Solutions Network will have continued access to a variety of technical support and learning opportunities focused on strengthening their proposals and increasing the impact of their work.

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29_Enhancing Healthcare Access through the Unjani Clinic Network.jpg
Enhancing Healthcare Access through the Unjani Clinic Network
Enhancing access to quality, affordable primary healthcare to low income communities of South Africa and Africa by empowering nursing professionals.
30_Enriching Lives Through Sustainable Toilet Solutions.jpg
Enriching Lives Through Sustainable Toilet Solutions
This project aims at enriching lives of a rural community through awareness programs, sustainable sanitation system with clean water, proper hygiene and organic farming techniques.
31_Ensuring Food Security and Climate Resilience through a Food-Energy-Water Solution.jpg
Ensuring Food Security and Climate Resilience through a Food-Energy-Water Solution
Our technology-based solution increases crop yields using less water and renewable energy, alleviating food insecurity, improving health, and building climate resilience in Ethiopia and Nepal.
32_Eradicating the Roots of Addiction through Prevention and Early Intervention.jpg
Eradicating the Roots of Addiction through Prevention and Early Intervention
We will establish pediatric addiction medicine (PADM) clinical programs and a physician workforce to implement substance use disorder (SUD) prevention, early intervention, and treatment nationwide.
33_Eradicating Trachoma, Once and for All.jpg
Eradicating Trachoma, Once and for All
Trachoma was once the world’s leading cause of blindness, but with our three-fold approach, it will become the second human disease to be completely eradicated.
34_Friends of the Children. Defying the Odds of Generational Poverty.jpg
Human services
Friends of the Children. Defying the Odds of Generational Poverty
Friends of the Children invests in salaried, professional mentors who build relationships with youth to achieve their hopes and dreams; 12.5 years, no matter what.
35_Generation Five Million People Employed by 2030.jpg
Community and economic development
Generation: Five Million People Employed by 2030
Generation will embed its training and employment methodology in public vocational systems, enabling millions of learners in India, Kenya, and Brazil to achieve financial independence.
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