Bold Solutions Network Website Design

We committed to meeting a WCAG 2.0 AA level of accessibility as part of our website design, and aimed for the higher AAA level where it was feasible to do so. Examples include:

  • Color: checking for contrast to ensure content is easy to see, color pairings to accommodate color blindness, and overall color saturation so the colors don’t feel too loud or overwhelming.
  • Typography; minimizing the use of all caps as they can be harder to read and can feel like shouting to people with anxiety, implementing font sizes that ensure the hierarchy is well established and helps define the breakdown of content while remaining large enough.
  • Space: making the line length shorter and providing proper line height to improve readability; and other considerations.
  • Navigation: making sure the site could be navigated without the use of a mouse, that the html structure of built-in elements supports screen readers, such as making sure alt text is provided for all images, along with other considerations. We then tested (in a tiered way) to catch and fix accessibility issues.

Lever for Change is committed to keeping the Bold Solutions Network website accessible over time.