Racial Equity 2030

50,000 Pastoralist Women: Agents for Change, Transforming Communities

Pastoral Women's Council Tanzania

Pastoral Women’s Council, Ujamaa Community Resource Team, and Engishon Microfinance Ltd., will support pastoralist women in Tanzania to address root causes of marginalization, thereby transforming society to achieve social and economic justice for all.

Competition Participation
Racial Equity 2030
Gender equality
Current Work Location(s):
  • Tanzania
  • Tanzania
Priority Population(s):
  • Women and girls
  • People of African descent
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 10. Reduced inequalities
  • 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

Executive Summary

Women and girls in pastoralist communities face multiple marginalizations, battling cultural inequity and marginalization compounded by post- and neo-colonialism narratives and structures. Underserved and underrepresented, their indigenous community has deep-rooted patriarchal norms and practices that limit women's access and control of essential resources including land.

Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) has developed proven holistic, inclusive, community-led approaches built on trust, mutual respect, deep cultural knowledge, and a shared understanding of the issues. Our work empowers pastoralist women and girls to become agents of change by transforming oppressive social norms and practices that inhibit gender equity and inclusive development.

Building on PWC’s work of the past two decades, our project will result in inclusive, structural reform, at household, community and national levels, and ensure participation of pastoralist women in sustainable development. It will also offer a roadmap for other under-represented people to take charge of their development and create more sustainable, inclusive communities.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Pastoral Women's Council Tanzania

website: http://www.pastoralwomenscouncil.org/
Organization Headquarters
Arusha Region, Tanzania
Organization ID
Annual Operating Budget
$1.0 to 5 Million
Number of Full-time Employees
26 to 50

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