Racial Equity 2030

Overcoming Environmental Racism by Knowing, Using, and Shaping Law


Namati, its partners, and members of the Legal Empowerment Network equip frontline communities with the power of law, so they can protect their own well-being and, ultimately, make systems of environmental governance more equitable.

Executive Summary

Among the many ways racism shapes our world, one of the most devastating is the uneven distribution of environmental harm. The effects of pollution, deforestation, and displacement are concentrated in communities facing systemic discrimination, including Black and Indigenous people and people from subjugated castes.

Most countries have laws meant to protect people from those harms. But many laws are unenforced, or worse, further concentrate harm, because the people facing harm have almost no role in the design or implementation of those laws.

Namati has a bold plan to fight environmental racism. In Kenya, Sierra Leone, India, the US, we will support 8,000 frontline community leaders to use existing environmental laws to protect their livelihoods and well-being. Drawing on that grassroots experience, we will pursue systemic changes that lead to more equitable environmental governance in these countries; accelerate the impact of environmental justice efforts in 20 additional countries; and achieve new global norms of environmental governance.

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website: https://namati.org/
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District of Columbia, United States
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$10.1 to 25 Million
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