100&Change: 2021

Center for Global Women's Health Technology

Women-Inspired Strategies for Health (WISH): A Revolution against Cervical Cancer

WISH empowers marginalized women with knowledge, innovative clinical tools and confidence to take control of their health and kickstart a worldwide movement against cervical cancer.

Submitted: August 2019
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Two-page overview of proposal
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100&Change: 2021
Current Work Location(s):
  • Departamento de Francisco Morazán, Honduras
  • National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
  • Lusaka Province, Zambia
  • Lima, Peru
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Apurimac, Peru
  • Ucayali, Peru
  • Mombasa, Kenya
  • Kisumu, Kenya
  • Cajamarca, Peru
Priority Population(s):
  • Economically disadvantaged people
  • People with diseases and illnesses
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • 1. No poverty
  • 3. Good health and well-being
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 10. Reduced inequalities

Executive Summary

One billion women face sexual and reproductive healthcare gaps because cultural, access, and technical barriers prevent proven methods from reaching them. Cervical cancer is one glaring example of this inequity. Over 500,000 new women get cervical cancer each year and 1 in 2 die prematurely despite effective vaccination, screening, and treatment solutions. We will empower women with the knowledge, tools and support to close the cervical cancer inequity gap and in doing so, upend medical tradition and catalyze a new model of women-centered care. Through our approach, we will deploy personalized technologies that give women privacy and control over their health. We will train existing community-based health workers, midwives and nurses to bring these innovative solutions directly to women. We will personalize peer-to-peer learning through digital stories, so that each and every empowered voice becomes a beacon of knowledge for others and propels a women-led global revolution against cervical cancer.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Center for Global Women's Health Technology

website: https://www.globalwomenshealthtechnologies.com/
Organization Headquarters
Durham County, North Carolina, United States
Organization ID
Annual Operating Budget
> $1 Billion
Number of Full-time Employees
> 1,000

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